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A&K - CASV M4 - AEG (Short Tan CASV-DE-S)

A&K - CASV M4 - AEG (Short Tan CASV-DE-S)
A&K - CASV M4 - AEG (Short Tan CASV-DE-S)

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A Full Metal Body AEG at a spectacular price Point the A&K AXR series CASV M4 has a great feature set at a terrific price!

It is built to replicate the CASV M4 made famous by the U.S. Navy EoD team rifle. Their teams have a very similar training profile to U.S. Navy Seals but have increased training in dealing with "Explosive Ordnance". These elite special forces teams are first in the field to deal with any sort of explosive threat, They are as adept as defusing bombs as capturing and defending suspected nuclear assests, making the U.S. Navy EoD teams a key componant of the United States Special Operations Command. As such they decided they needed a unique rifle specific to them. Eschewing the M4 SOPMOD series M4, they selected the CASV. The lower profile, boxier rail system allows for a much higer level of customisation compared to the SOPMOD RIS, as you can change the rail units around as the operator see's fit. The space freed up and the square profile, allows for a more comfortable and ergonomic fit, especially when handling the rifle for extended period. Many were issued in 10.5" barrel format as the EoD teams can find themselves operating in tight confined spaces and areas

Comes complete with windowed "P-Mag" style hi-cap magazine.

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