Pump Action CCCP Custom Revolver Spring Shotgun (Blue 255A)

Pump Action CCCP Custom Revolver Spring Shotgun (Blue 255A)

The Pump Action CCCP Revolver style shotgun - What a BB gun! This hybrid airsoft gun is a combination of a pump action shotgun, the look of a combat rifle and the body design to match a 6 shooter western style revolver.

The real version of this amazing airsoft gun is a Russian made gun by TsKIB SOO Central Design. The airsoft BB gun comes in two detachable parts – You can remove or add the stock so this can be fired as a full length BB shotgun, or remove the stock and fire it as a kick ass style BB handgun, with an XXL barrel!! Easy to load, all you do is pour all your airsoft ammo into the top chamber and boom, you are ready to pump and fire away!

Approx 250 fps

Large magazine

Detachable weighted stock

Pump action style

Great for target practise

Quality build

Fast delivery

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