M83 M4 Electric (Call of Duty) Airsoft BB Rifle

M83 M4 Electric (Call of Duty) Airsoft BB Rifle

Back after popular demand!! The M83B2 is a M4 style new generation airsoft electric BB gun. It is a high performance bb gun that fires in semi and full automatic machine gun modes. It uses 6mm BB ammo and has an extra large magazine for continuous high power busts of rounds without the need for constant reloading. 

One of our top selling electric airsoft guns, it also features a retractable stock to enable a good fit with all sized users. This high powered automatic machine gun holds up to 40 rounds making it one of the best endurance guns available at this price. 

The M4 is the second most manufactured gun in the world (after the AK-47) and is also very popular in the game Call of Duty 4. Working safety lock solution, semi / auto switch, retractable stock, a large ammo magazine for up to 40 6mm BB rounds, extension barrel, large silencer and a red cross electric gun sight to fly further and more accurate, battery and mains charger.


·         Full AEG Electric

·         Fully and Semi Automatic

·         \Approx 240 - 300 FPS 

·         Approx 40-50 Meter Range

·         1:1 Scale Heavy Weight

·         Fires approx 400 rounds per minute

·         Made from Very Strong ABS polymer

·         Please use only 0.20g Pellets or Higher


Don’t forget to buy your ammo and targets before checking out !

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