Airsoft BB Rifles

BB rifles are the gold standard of airsoft guns, with a great balance of range, power, and accuracy to give you an advantage in battle.

Airsoft BB Rifles

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ICS-94 Israeli Airsoft Gun

ICS launch ICS-94 Israeli Machine Gun, which is the AEG This classic rifle combines the durability of AK74 series with the precision of M16 series. It feels like the real thing at 3.5 Kilos.  T..


BB rifles are the everyman BB gun, perfect as a general airsoft weapon that can get you through any situation. They’re probably the most common airsoft guns around, alongside airsoft handguns.

If you’re looking for a BB gun that excels at medium range, a rifle is the right choice for you. They’re adaptable to lots of environments, and some models can also work excellently in close quarters battles or long-distance skirmishes. 

Airsoft rifles come in lots of different forms, from gas powered rifles to electric, and even some spring-loaded options. There are lots of popular and iconic BB rifles to choose from, including AK-47, MP5, and M16 airsoft replicas. 

Choose your ideal two-tone BB gun rifle and take it onto the airsoft field, knowing you’re prepared for any combat situation.