A&K Full Metal M870 Pump Action Shotgun (Wood)

A&K Full Metal M870 Pump Action Shotgun (Wood)

The Model 870 is the gold standard in pump action shotguns, beloved by Military, law enforcement and civilians alike it has been the one of the worlds' favorite shotguns since its introduction in 1951. Over 10 million have been sold since then and a plethora of variants are available.

 This A&K M870 features real wood furniture in the form of a wooden stock and pump handle. It has a 15" barrel with adjustable hop up and features a detachable 40 round magazine & cross bolt safety.

 Although it may look like a shotgun, the A&K M870 is more like a airsoft sniper rifle as it has a muzzle velocity of ~400 fps +/- 10% with a 0.20g BB. The compact package allows for more shooting flexibility than a bolt action rifle. The higher capacity magazine is also very useful. For practical competitions this is also plenty of punch for knocking down metal plate targets.


  • 1:1 Scale
  •  Full Metal
  •  Real Wood
  •  Length: 942mm
  • 3490g in Weight
  • Pump Action
  • 400 FPS +/- 10% - 0.20g BB
  • 40 Round Magazine

The simple springer design of the A&K M870 means it is very reliable as long as you follow the following advice.

WARNING - DO NOT DOUBLE PUMP - This can cause the M870 to jam, requiring a complete disassemble.

WARNING - DO NOT HOLD DOWN TRIGGER WHILE PUMPING - This can cause the M870 to jam requiring a complete disassemble

WARNING - DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN HOP - This can cause BB's to jam the action requiring a complete disassemble.



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