Cyma CM125 USP Electric Pistol

Cyma CM125 USP Electric Pistol

CYMA CM125 USP Electric Pistol

A 1:1 replica of the CM125 pistol, the CYMA CM125 USP electric pistol is a must-have for those who hate carrying CO2 cartridges or gas tanks to keep the BB gun operational. The electric BB gun is compact and has a rubberised handle, which gives you a steady grip, making it ideal for target shooting practice in a controlled environment. Whether you want this pistol for your own BB gun collection or for gifting it to a friend or a family member, the CM125 electric pistol will not fail to impress. 

Made to be sturdy and powerful

The electric pistol by CYMA may seem pretty small at first. But don"t let its looks deceive you. The CM125 has an FPS of 200 and weighs a little less than a kilogram, because of its aluminium and ABS plastic outer shell. The exterior of this pistol is made of re-enforced ABS plastic, which makes it durable. The full metal slide adds a little to the weight of the BB gun, giving it the ideal weight that lets you keep your hand steady. 

The pistol has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and an adjustable hop-up along with a 7.2v battery and a charger. The compact pistol also makes for an excellent secondary weapon in skirmish and paintball games.

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  • Skirmish Face Protection 
  • Pro Handgun Holster 
  • Essential Pro Airsoft Glasses
  • Mechanical Knock Down Target
  • BB Ammo
  • Exploding Ammo
  • Electric Pop-Up Target With Net 
  • Sticky Targets 
  • Extended Warranty (3 Months)



  • 1:1 Scale
  • 200 FPS
  • USP Pistol
  • Electric Pistol
  • Weighs 800 Gram
  • 194mm in Length
  • Full Metal Slide
  • Re-Enforced ABS Body
  • CM AEP Gearbox
  • 30 Round Magazine
  • Adjustable Hop-UP
  • Fires Single and Fully Automatic
  • Includes Battery (7.2v)
  • Includes Charger

Use of eye protection and additional Ammo is recommended with this Airsoft Gun / BB Gun

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