CYMA CM352L Tactical Short Barrel Tri-Shotgun Long (3 Burst)

CYMA CM352L Tactical Short Barrel Tri-Shotgun Long (3 Burst)

CM352LM is a spring powered shotgun with 3 inner barrels and a tactical folding stock to enable you to switch between a combat shotgun platform and a shorter CQB ready weapon – the three inner barrels mean you can fire 3 BBs at once giving you a greater spread just like a real shotgun. Metal parts on this shotgun include: inner barrel, grip slide, shell ejection flap, tactical sling swivels, barrel clasp, and chamber flap. The rest is constructed from a durable polymer - pistol grip, body, pump grip


The front grip has an anti-slip texture that is very comfortable to use and its operation is very smooth.

CM351 has a folding stock, which makes you can choose between a stable combat platform or an ultra compact CQB ready weapon. The shotgun is compatible with 30 BB shells from other manufacturers, such as Tokyo Marui and Double Eagle.


A 6mm BB is loaded into a shell style magazine with a capacity of 30 BBs, which is in turn placed in the chamber of the shotgun. All this gives the weapon added levels of realism. CYMA’s shotgun series has three main values at its core craftsmanship, good performance and reasonable price range.


Tech Specs:

Velocity [FPS]: 260
Propulsion: Spring propultion
Type of fire: Single
Lenght [mm]: 640
Weight [g]: 1135
Magazine type: Shells
Magazine capacity: 30
Made of: Metal and plastic
Hop-Up: No


Whats in the box:

-          Shotgun

-          1 x shell

-          Speedloader

-          A cleaning rod

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