Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Long) (Gas Shell Powered)

Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Long) (Gas Shell Powered)

Each of the shot shells, two supplied, are twisted open to reveal a fill valve in the bottom brass coloured section, This is filled with a 10 second shot of gas, we recommend 144a. The Top section of each shell can then be filled with up to 7 BB's. With only 1xBB in a shell, a muzzle velocity of 420 fps +/- 10% can be achieved with 0.20g BB's.


  • 1:1 Scale 
  • Real Wood Grip Stock and Hand guard 
  • Full Metal Body and Barrel 
  • Dual Trigger action, one trigger actives each barrel / shell 
  • Holds two shells at once 
  • Break action side by side 
  • Super High Power 
  • Unique real Dual Barrel / Dual Trigger Actions


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  • £269.99

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