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Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Long) (Gas Shell Powered)

Each of the shot shells, two supplied, are twisted open to reveal a fill valve in the bottom brass coloured section, This is filled with a 10 second shot of gas, we recommend 144a. The T..


Magnum Style Revolver (shell loading) - Polymer - G36 Blue

This amazing Magnum Style BB Airsoft gun actually has 6 bullet shells which each individually hold one BB, loaded into the 6 shooter style chamber (just like a real .357 Magnum)!!Fps – Appr..

£29.99 £18.99

Metal G10 Spring Pistol (G10 - Gold)

The Galaxy G10 is a spring powered pistol based on a hybrid hi-capa. The lower half of the weapon is constructed of high quality ABS polymer plastic and the upper is full metal with a limited edition ..

£19.99 £12.99

MP7 Airsoft Sub Machine Gun (SMG) - Electric

If you are one with a penchant for war video games or Airsoft skirmish games, you would actually have a good time and even be good at handling complex tools like rifles and machine guns. The MP7 Elect..