Electric Powered CYMA M4 AEG (Inbuilt Silencer Black CM513)

Electric Powered CYMA M4 AEG (Inbuilt Silencer Black CM513)

The CM513 is the latest release from CYMA in their AEG range of M4’s. This M4 comes complete with an integrated suppressor and complete front rail system. The body of this weapon is constructed from high quality polymer with alloy internals. This weapon would be perfect for player who are looking to get into airsoft or players who are looking for an affordable back up weapon just if their primary goes down. The benefits of this weapon be polymer are that it keeps the weapon very light weight and easy to skirmish for long periods of time. This weapon comes complete with a 300rd high capacity magazine, battery (1100mAh 8.4v Ni-Mh), wall charger and a two point sling – everything you need to get you started and get straight out and skirmish.

·         Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Fully Automatic

·         Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds (High Cap)

·         Feet Per Second (FPS): 330fps (Using 0.20g BB)

·         Powered By: Electric

·         Construction: Polymer Body, with Alloy Internals

·         Hop Up: Adjustable behind Mock Dust Cover, when Mock Charging Handle to the rear

·         Size: 70cm - 78.5cm

·         Weight: 1.8kg

·         Great starting weapon for any Beginner

·         Lots of options for Aftermarket Parts and Upgrades

·         Lightweight Polymer Body

·         Four Point 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Handguard

·         Left / Right Rail for Torches and Lasers

·         Bottom Rail for Grips, Launchers and Bipod

·         Top Rail for Sights and Scopes

·         Mock Suppressor for a Unique Look

·         14mm Counter Clock-Wise (CCW) Threaded Outer Barrel for attaching Third Party Suppressors

·         Removable Flip-Up Adjustable Ironsights

·         Multi-Position Adjustable Crane Stock

·         Rubberised Butt Plate to prevent Slippage

·         Standard Finger Ridge Pistol Grip

·         Adjustable Hop-Up unit for Range and Accuracy

·         Rear Sling Plate for attaching Slings for Weapon Carrying

·         295mm Inner Barrel

·         Rear Wired Alloy Battery Powered V2 Gearbox

·         Battery are Stored in the Weapon's Crane Stock

·         Space for up to a 9.6v Ni-Mh Battery

·         300 Round High Capacity Wheel Wound Magazine Included

·         Uses standard STANAG M4 / AR15 / M16 Magazine or P-Mags

·         Basic Battery, Basic Charger and Basic Sling Included

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