D|Boy D90 Belguim Airsoft PDW

D|Boy D90 Belguim Airsoft PDW

The D|Boy Electric D90 Belguim Airsoft PDW is a gun with a unique design. At first glance it doesn’t look like a gun, but it is and with all the power of a BB gun. 

Unique features
The body of the BB gun is made from reinforced ABS and polymer. It measures in length at around 50 cm and weighs around 1.8 kg. It is quite small when compared to other BB guns we sell on our website. However, D|Boy Electric D90 Belguim Airsoft PDW is not short on power. Its spring magazine is capable of firing 50 rounds and it has an average power of around 350 FPS when 0.20 gm pellets are used. It is also capable of firing both single and fully-automatic shots. The Airsoft gun is perfect for those who like their BB guns to be  unique. 

Its design makes it look like a power tool that needs capable hands to operate and someone who has excellent skills with a BB gun. However, it is quite easy to use.


  • 50 round spring magazine
  • Plastic gear box
  • Battery 
  • Charger


  • Internal barrel of 24 cm
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • 350 FPS
  • 1.1 scale
  • ABS and polymer body

Note - Use of eye protection safety gear and protective face masks is recommended when using this BB gun.

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  • £109.99

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