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We are an established online company selling the latest models of fully legal BB guns at the lowest prices possible. As we don't have the running costs of the high street store, you will always get the best prices we can offer on your favourite BB and airsoft guns and accessories.

At Cheap BB Guns UK, we work very hard to build an excellent reputation for reliability and after sales service with our customers. We have strong business relationships with our preferred suppliers, who form the support system for our excellent service.
We aim to become one of the most comprehensive sources for airsoft and BB guns and accessories on the internet. We are continually working towards improving and expanding our range of products and services on offer.

At, we value your safety and offer top of the line accessories to complete your airsoft gear. Well fitting eyeglasses and full face masks are essential during skirmishes to protect your face against attacking airsoft guns.
If you have any comments or suggestions that can help us serve you better - please feel free to reach out to us - we are always looking forward to valuable customer feedback.
We pride ourselves on our competitiveness and do our best to offer a comprehensive range of the latest, legal BB Guns in a wide variety of styles - all fantastically high quality and low priced!

Products offered at
We have a wide selection of affordable and high-quality airsoft guns. Buy handguns, pump action shotguns, sniper rifles, heavyweight metal BB guns, and electric/ gas powered guns.
Depending on your skill, experience and position on the team, you can opt for silent killers like snipers or high powered submachine guns firing off 400 rounds per minute! If close combat is your speciality, you can choose BB guns like heavyweight handguns and shotguns. Long barrelled designs are perfect airsoft guns for firing at enemies from a distance. We also offer a range of sticky targets and BB gun ammunition to help sharpen your airsoft skills and make you an intimidating player at the airsoft field.

We Are Always Keen to Assist You
If you are unable to find the model or style of BB or airsoft gun you wish to buy, please let us know and we will try our best to satisfy your requirement within the shortest possible time.
For details on how to get in touch, please visit our 'contact us' page or email our customer service team at
We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to visit our website!
ll the best,
The Team – Cheap BB Guns UK

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