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Double Eagle - M292 - 1911 (in gold colour, not blue)

Double Eagle - M292 - 1911 The classic lines of the 1911 in Spring action format from Double Eagle. If you are looking for an iconic pistol tha has seen action in the trenches of WW2 to the curr..


Double Eagle - P328 - 1908 Vest Pocket - Spring Pistol

Specifications: 150 FPSFixed Hop-UpSpring PoweredABS Construction PERFORMANCE: Many factors can affect velocity, including brand of projectile, type of projectile and barrel condition, size and weig..


Double Eagle 3 x Shot Tri Barrel M63 Special Spring Shotgun

Double Eagle 3 x Shot Tri Barrel M63 Special Spring ShotgunWhat an absolute beast of a shotgun ! Yes, this bad boy fires THREE BB’s at once, in a true shotgun style !Perfect for l..


Double Eagle M23 Spring Pistol with Silencer

Double Eagle M23 Spring Pistol with Silencer, The M23 has an ergo friendly design suitable for both left and right handed users. The M23 has aluminium barrel and is internally weighted for increased s..


Double Eagle M306F D98 Spring Rifle 2:3 Scale

Specifications:ABS ConstructionTop and Bottom RIS Rails700mm in LengthSpring PoweredSingle Fire100 Round Magazine300 FPS..

£59.99 £29.99

Double Eagle M30P Sub Machine Spring Pistol Value Pack

Double Eagle M30P Sub Machine Spring Pistol Value Pack is an excellent Sub Machine Pistol with ABS Construction.  This is a Spring Airsoft Gun so all you have to do is cock back the slide and sho..


Double Eagle M33 Micro Sub-Machine SMG Pistol

Specifications:Spring Air Repeater 6mm plastic BB"s Up to 24 plastic BB"s 348g 254mm Front Blade/Rear Notch ABS Switch Up to 240 fps..


Double Eagle M36 - SOCIMI SMG-821/ (UZI) - Spring Pistol

 Specifications: up to 240 FPS with 0.12g 18 Round Magazine ABS Construction Spring Powered  Single Fire..


Double Eagle M41 G39 Special Forces Style Tactical

The Double Eagle M41G39 SpecialForces Style Tactical rifle is a G39 Special Forces style Airsoft BB gun,at a great price ! It has a well made magazine structure for effective firing at both short and ..

£59.99 £29.99

Double Eagle M47B1 Shotgun with Mock Scope

Specifications: Spring PoweredPump Action300 FPS20 Round MagazineABS ConstructionLong Precision Aluminium BarrelAluminium Pump TubeIntegrated RIS Rail SystemAdjustable Hop Up SystemTextured Pistol Gri..


Double Eagle M59A L96 Sniper Rifle

Specifications: 1:1 Scale Sniper RiflePro-Range450 FPS!Polymer Constructed BodyMetal Outer Barrel and Upper Receiver28 Round MagazineSingle ShotBolt ActionHighly AccurateWeights 3340 Grams515mm Barre..