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Double Eagle BB Guns

Double Eagle Airsoft is a global airsoft BB gun manufacturer that specialises in affordable BB guns for any level of player. Despite their low-price point, Double Eagle do not compromise on quality - their airsoft weapons are game-ready after being tried and tested by industry leaders.

Brand: Double Eagle BB Guns Model: 110466 / 211312
The classic lines of the 1911 in Spring action format from Double Eagle. If you are looking for an iconic pistol tha has seen action in the trenches of WW2 to the current USMC sidearm and countless films and TV programmes, you can't get much better than the 1911. The Double M292 replicates t..
£9.99 £14.99
Brand: Double Eagle BB Guns Model: 110205
Double Eagle M30P Sub Machine Spring Pistol Value Pack is an excellent Sub Machine Pistol with ABS Construction.  This is a Spring Airsoft Gun so all you have to do is cock back the slide and shoot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained. The gun does not require any gas or batteri..
Brand: Double Eagle BB Guns Model: 210867
Specifications:ABS Construction Top and Bottom RIS Rails 700mm in Length Spring Powered Single Fire 100 Round Magazine 300 FPS..
£24.99 £34.99
Brand: Double Eagle BB Guns Model: 210870
Double Eagle M59A L96 Sniper Rifle - Spring Bolt Action This very well built Airsoft sniper rifle is a great addition to any armoury. An easy to use bolt action style (as seen in the sniper scene in the hit movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’). This makes it easy to use for everyone.  This is a gr..
£129.99 £169.99
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All Double Eagle BB guns feature slick two-tone paint jobs. Be sure to check out the M23 Spring Pistol if you like to play with stealth in mind, as it comes complete with a silencer to maintain your cover.

For bolder play styles, the superpowered Tri-Shot Shotgun or M30P Sub Machine Spring Pistol may be better suited to your skill set.