Electric Powered BB Guns

Electric Powered BB Guns

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Bullet Laser/Biro/torch/bank note checker

Bullet Laser/Biro/torch/bank note checkerNew in stock and on sale at a discounted price !These awesome bullet keychain gadgets are a great 4 in 1 gift.Bullet keychain contains;Red dot laser Black ink ..


Kubotan Martial Arts Pressure Point Self Defence

Designed by Takayuki Kubota, the Japanese Kubotan became highly popular in the mid-1970s when it was introduced to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The LAPD eventually began teaching fe..

£14.99 £5.99

0.12g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets (high quality)

0.12g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets (high quality)Our 0.12g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets are a very high quality pellet brought to you at a great price. They are fully seamless and polis..

£8.99 £6.99

0.20g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets (high quality)

0.20g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets (high quality)Our 0.20g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets are a very high quality pellet brought to you at a great price. They are fully seamless and polis..

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Cyma CM020 555 Electric BB Gun

Cyma CM020 is Light Weight Electric BB Gun, great fun with tons of add-ons included. Built and Usage wise is same as M83 and M85 from Double Eagle but it’s a SIG 552 spin off (bit lighter as well then..

£69.99 £54.99

M83 M4 Electric (Call of Duty) Airsoft BB Rifle

Back after popular demand!! The M83B2 is a M4 style new generation airsoft electric BB gun. It is a high performance bb gun that fires in semi and full automatic machine gun modes. It uses 6mm B..

£89.99 £59.99

Cyma 1911 Airsoft Electric Pistol

The CYMA 1911 Airsoft Electric Pistol is a perfectly scaled version of the real deal. With an impressive firing range of 55 meters, this pistol boasts firepower of 230 FPS. Solid design and const..


Cyma CM126 M92 Electric Pistol

Specifications: 1:1 Scale200 FPS M92 PistolElectric PistolWeighs 800 Gram194mm in LengthFull Metal SlideRe-Enforced ABS BodyCM AEP Gearbox30 Round MagazineAdjustable Hop-UPFires Single and Fully Autom..


Cyma 121 Israely Auto. Electric Airsoft Pistol

Accessories: Skirmish Face Protection  Essential Pro Airsoft Glasses Pro Handgun Holster  Mechanical Knock Down Target Electric Pop-Up Target With Net  Sticky Targets  BB Ammo Expl..


JG Scorpion SMG Electric Rifle

Specifications:1:1 Scale Metal Gearbox Adjustable Hop 80 Round Wind up Magazine 270mm in Length 522mm in Length when Stock extended 1.1 Kilo’s in Weight Barrel Length of 127.5..


JG AUG-2 Electric Assault Rifle

JG AUG-2 Electric Assault Rifle has 510 mm long internal barrel and it is shooting very precise. There is mounted 20 cm RIS rail on top of the barrel set. The ABS Polymer V3 Gearbox. Specifications:..


MP7 Airsoft Sub Machine Gun (SMG) - Electric

If you are one with a penchant for war video games or Airsoft skirmish games, you would actually have a good time and even be good at handling complex tools like rifles and machine guns. The MP7 Elect..


D|Boy D90 Belguim Airsoft PDW

The D|Boy Electric D90 Belguim Airsoft PDW is a gun with a unique design. At first glance it doesn’t look like a gun, but it is and with all the power of a BB gun. Unique featuresThe body of the ..


G5 Airsoft Electric Gun

G.5 is a MP5 Style sub machine gun, with folding stock born for closer quarter combat.  G5 BB Gun has the luxury of two Magazines one holds 240 rounds of pellets and the other one around 100.&nb..


SRCs Russian Legendary with Short Barrel and Thumb Grip

 This assault rifle is in use by the armies of countless countries around the globe.  SRC continues the Russian Legendary legacy with its AK Airsoft Electric Gun series. The SRC AK Series AE..


JG Sub Machine Gun SMG AEG

Specifications:1:1 Scale 295mm in Length Stock Extended Length 550mm Range 50 Meters + 540mm in Length with Silencer 790mm in Length with Silencer and Stock Extended Full Metal ..


Classic Army M15A4 Sportsline Airsoft Electric Rifle

Specifications: 1:1 ScaleMade by Classic Army!300 Round Magazine (M4)High Torque MotorHigh Speed MotorMetal BarrelFront Sight2.3 Kilos in Weight980mm in LengthAdjustable Hop-UpFixed Hard StockIncludes..


Classic Army MP5

  Specifications: Barrel Calibre: 6 mm Barrel Length: 229mm Magazine: 200 Rounds Initial Pellet Speed: 315-330fps Battery Type: 8.4v Mini Type (Included) Manual: English Version Weight: 2.95kg P..


JG MP5K SMG Electric Airsoft Rifle

Are you tired of using the gas-powered BB guns? Here is one of the best electric airsoft rifles from cheapbbguns.co.uk for you. Made of metal and nylon polymer, the JG MP5K SMG electric airsoft rifle ..


AGM MP036 CQB Airsoft Gun

Specifications: Mostly Metal (Black Bits)Strong ABS (Orange Bits)Magazine Full Metal290+ FPS In The Box: Cleaning RodShoulder StrapStarter BBz PelletsBattery3 Pin UK ChargerAGM MP036 CQB AEG  ..