Electric Airsoft BB Guns (AEG)

Electric BB guns use battery power to fire, meaning great range and excellent rate of fire.

Electric Airsoft BB Guns (AEG)

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0.12g x 2000 6mm PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BB Airsoft Pellets (Big Foot Diamond Precision)

0.12g x 2000 6mm PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BB Airsoft Pellets (Big Foot Diamond Precision) Our 0.12g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets are a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY pellet brought to you at a great p..


0.20g x 2000 6mm PROFESSIONAL Big Foot Diamond Precision BB Pellets

0.20g x 2000 6mm PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BB Airsoft Pellets (Big Foot Diamond Precision) Our 0.20g x 2000 6mm BB Airsoft Pellets are a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY pellet brought to you at a great p..


Airsoft BB Gun Paper Holding Target

Airsoft BB Gun Paper TargetAir Sport BB Target - The perfect solution to the problem of not knowing what to shoot at !Now you can have the fun of a proper scoring shooting competition, fun for a..

£9.99 £4.99

Automatic Pop Up Airsoft BB Gun Target (Battery Powered)

We absolutely love this pop up battery powered target which is specifically designed for use with BB/Airsoft Guns and includes a net to catch all your fired ammo. As soon as the 3rd and final target i..

£19.99 £9.99

12 inch 'Sticky' Target

12" Sticky Target - Fire BB’s at the target and they will stick to it exactly where they hit. Then after some time the BB’s will automatically slide down the target and be collected in the tray at ..

£14.99 £12.99

Electric Powered Double Eagle 555 AEG Rifle (M82 Blue)

We bring you the Double Eagle M82 Electric powered Airsoft BB Gun. Excellent build quality with an awesome firepower of around 400 rounds a minute!!  FPS – Approx 350Range –..

£69.99 £44.99

Electric Powered Russian Army Style Rifle CM022

We bring you the awesome Russian Army Electric Airsoft Rifle - CM022. The long awaited CM022 is now back in stock!! With a whopping FPS of around 250fps, an impressive range of around 40 meters, a ..

£64.99 £44.99

Electric Powered MP5 CQB CM023 (fully and semi automatic modes)

We bring you the MP5 CQB CM023 electric airsoft rifle! This awesome electric powered BB airsoft gun fires in semi and fully automatic mode with a range of around 40 meters, a wicked firepower of aroun..

£69.99 £49.99

Electric Powered WELL D90H AEG Rifle (With Battery and Charger)

This Fully Automatic Airsoft Belgium D90H is one of the coolest BB guns on the market. The very popular Airsoft D90H packs a powerful punch! Shoots an unbelievable 400 rounds per minute! The inner ..

£79.99 £49.99

Electric powered CYMA 122 AEP Pistol (Fully and Semi Automatic)

CYMA 122 AEP Electric PistolA compact pistol in blue and black, available in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic models, the CYMA 122 AEP electric pistol is a very handy BB gun that can be u..

£89.99 £59.99

Electric powered Well D12 AK74 AEG (With Battery and Charger)

Electric powered Well D12 AK74 AEG (With Battery and Charger)A very sleek and high powered electric airsoft BB rifle - battery and charger included.SKU- 211626BRAND- WellPOWERED BY- ElectricFPS- appro..

£74.99 £64.99

Electric Powered CYMA CM125 ST8 Pistol (CYMA CM125)

FPS – Approx 250Range – Approx 30 metersAction – Fully & Semi AutomaticWeight – 800 gramsLength – 194 mmElectric poweredCharger included7.2v rechargeable battery includedFull metal slideL..

£119.99 £69.99

ELECTRIC POWERED Double Eagle M811 D98 AEG Sub Machine

FPS – Approx 400Range – Approx 40 metersAction – Semi AND FULLY automaticElectric poweredBattery and charger includedHeavy weight1:1 scaleAdjustable hop upXXXL drum magazineGreat for target p..

£89.99 £69.99

Cyma 1911 Airsoft Electric Pistol

The CYMA 1911 Airsoft Electric Pistol is a perfectly scaled version of the real deal. With an impressive firing range of 55 meters, this pistol boasts firepower of 230 FPS. Solid design and const..


Cyma CM126 M92 Electric Pistol

Specifications: 1:1 Scale200 FPS M92 PistolElectric PistolWeighs 800 Gram194mm in LengthFull Metal SlideRe-Enforced ABS BodyCM AEP Gearbox30 Round MagazineAdjustable Hop-UPFires Single and Fully Autom..



FPS – Approx 350Range – Approx 40 metersAction – Semi automaticElectric poweredCharger and battery includedAdjustable hop upLarge magazineGreat for target practiceHigh quality buildFast Roya..

£99.99 £74.99

Electric Powered CYMA CM030 Airsoft Pistol (Tan)

FPS – Approx 250Range – Approx 40 metersAction – Semi and fully automaticElectric poweredIncludes battery and charger1:1 scaleAdjustable hop upLarge 30 round magazine675 grams201 mm in lengt..

£99.99 £79.99

Cyma 121 Israely Auto. Electric Airsoft Pistol

Accessories: Skirmish Face Protection  Essential Pro Airsoft Glasses Pro Handgun Holster  Mechanical Knock Down Target Electric Pop-Up Target With Net  Sticky Targets  BB Ammo Expl..



Agile and compact, the CM251 is CYMA’s official response to a hard-hitting AEG with lightweight external components. A full metal Version 3 gearbox places this AEG on top of cheap alternatives that..

£149.99 £99.99


Cyma CM516 M4 URX Carbine AEG Battery and Charger Included!!·         Great starting weapon for any Beginner·         ..

£129.99 £99.99

Electric airsoft guns are the most popular and common BB guns on airsoft fields everywhere, thanks to their ease of use, high rate of fire, and general versatility.

The most common electric BB guns are automatic electric guns, also known as AEGs, which fire at rapid speeds as long as you’re holding the trigger down (at least until you run out of BBs). These can be a great choice for close quarters battles, but full auto isn’t always the best option for long range. They also come in semi-automatic variants, meaning you can fire single shots for better accuracy and ammo conservation. 

Because they’re battery powered, electric airsoft guns are perfect for long battles where a gas powered BB gun might run out of gas. All you have to do is carry another battery with you and you can swap it out easily.

Electric BB guns are available in rifles, handguns, shotguns, snipers, and more, so no matter what type of airsoft gun you’re looking for, you should be able to find it in our electric range.