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BB Sniper Rifles

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Bullet Laser/Biro/torch/bank note checker

Bullet Laser/Biro/torch/bank note checkerNew in stock and on sale at a discounted price !These awesome bullet keychain gadgets are a great 4 in 1 gift.Bullet keychain contains;Red dot laser Black ink ..


Kubotan Martial Arts Pressure Point Self Defence

Designed by Takayuki Kubota, the Japanese Kubotan became highly popular in the mid-1970s when it was introduced to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The LAPD eventually began teaching fe..

£14.99 £5.99

Airsoft BB Gun Paper Holding Target

Airsoft BB Gun Paper TargetAir Sport BB Target - The perfect solution to the problem of not knowing what to shoot at with your BB gun.Now you can have the fun of a proper scoring shootin..

£14.99 £7.99

Automatic Airsoft Gun Target (Pop Up)

Automatic Airsoft Gun Target (Pop Up)Target set for use with BB/Airsoft Guns, The Automatic Bettery Operated(Battery not included) Airsoft Gun Target includes a net to catch all your BBs (Please not ..

£19.99 £10.99

Galaxy M4 Spring Rifle (Spring Powered - 23 Scale - M70)

Galaxy M4 Spring Powered Sniper RifleThe Galaxy M4 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle is a real 'value for money' sniper rifle.Built from high quality ABS plastic, it fires at approx 250fps and has a magazin..

£39.99 £24.99

P136 M4 Sniper Airsoft Tactical Rifle

The P136 M4 Sniper Airsoft Tactical Rifle – An absolute bargain and a complete must have if you are looking for a cheap, yet reliable and sturdy airsoft sniper rifle! Very well built with an in..

£34.99 £24.99

Double Eagle M41 G39 Special Forces Style Tactical

The Double Eagle M41G39 SpecialForces Style Tactical rifle is a G39 Special Forces style Airsoft BB gun,at a great price ! It has a well made magazine structure for effective firing at both short and ..

£59.99 £29.99

Cyma S-C-R Spring Rifle (Blue 8902A)

8902A Tactical Assault Rifle, Spring Powered. Another US favourite but the actual gun origin is in from Belgium. Steady gun made from strong ABS and inclusive of scope, torch, front grip handle ..

£59.99 £34.99

Double Eagle F1 Sniper Rifle (Full Size With Silencer)

Double Eagle F1 Spring Rifle BB Airsoft Gun (M46A) - 1:1 Scale - Comes with Silencer.The Double Eagle Famas style rifle is a beast of a rifle for the price !! Extra accuracy due to the bullpup design ..

£59.99 £34.99

L85A2 SA80 British Army Carbine (Spring Action) BB Rifle

L85A2 Airsoft Spring RifleThe L85A2 Airsoft Spring Rifle is our best selling rifle, and for good reason !! It's incredibly robust and is an iconic British Army style rifle, available at a great price ..

£59.99 £34.99

Cyma CM020 555 Electric BB Gun

Cyma CM020 is Light Weight Electric BB Gun, great fun with tons of add-ons included. Built and Usage wise is same as M83 and M85 from Double Eagle but it’s a SIG 552 spin off (bit lighter as well then..

£69.99 £54.99

CYMA ZM52 L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Spring Bolt Action

CYMA ZM52 L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Spring Bolt ActionThis very well built Airsoft sniper rifle is a great addition to any armoury. An easy to use bolt action style (as seen in the sniper scene i..


Double Eagle M59A L96 Sniper Rifle

Specifications: 1:1 Scale Sniper RiflePro-Range450 FPS!Polymer Constructed BodyMetal Outer Barrel and Upper Receiver28 Round MagazineSingle ShotBolt ActionHighly AccurateWeights 3340 Grams515mm Barre..


JG AUG-2 Electric Assault Rifle

JG AUG-2 Electric Assault Rifle has 510 mm long internal barrel and it is shooting very precise. There is mounted 20 cm RIS rail on top of the barrel set. The ABS Polymer V3 Gearbox. Specifications:..


Cyma M700 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Specifications:1:1 Scale 450 FPS Spring Powered Bolt ActionSingle Fire 1070mm in Length 430mm Inner Barrel Length2.2 Kilo’s in Weight 30 Round Magazine..


D|Boy WWII Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifle

The D|Boy WWII Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifle is a perfect to-scale replica of the real deal. With spring action powered sniper rifle it is a single fire design. The body of the sniper rifle is made from..


AGM M14 AEG Sniper Rifle with Scope and Bipod

Specifications:   1:1 Scale   390 FPS  56cm Barrel Length  1130mm Overall Length  280 Round Magazine  Adjustable Hop-Up  V7 Metal Gear Box  Top RIS Rail for Bi..


ICS-94 Israeli Airsoft Gun with Charger + Battery

ICS launch ICS-94 Israeli Machine Gun, which is the AEG This classic rifle combines the durability of AK74 series with the precision of M16 series. It feels like the real thing at 3.5 Kilos. Thi..