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WE BB Guns and Accessories

Based right here in Britain, WE Airsoft Europe are dedicated to bringing the very best airsoft products to the global market.

Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 310233
WE Open-Bolt Gas BlowBack Magazine (30 Round), full steel WE Magazine and it is compatible with open bolt Rifles. (M4/M16/Scar/PDW/SA80 L85)Compatible with our WE Blockback Rifles:WE R012 L85 Airsoft (Gas Blow Back) WE R003 M16A3 Airsoft (Gas Blow Back) WE R004 Airsoft (Gas Blow Back) WE R005..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110302
WE G26C Advance Gen. 3 Gas Blow back Pistol Semi-Automatic part of the Gock Family.Specifications:1:1 Scale Made by  WE Full Metal slide and ABS Frame Gas Blow back Fires Semi-Automatic 28 Round Magazine 40 Meter Range 330~ FPS 205mm In Length Weighs Around 780 Gram..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110305
WE 226 Metal Gas Blowback Pistol made by WE is an excellent constructed Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol. Metal parts included: spring guide, trigger, hammer release lever, magazine catch button, slide stop, hammer, front sight and rear sight, magazine. Specifications: 1:1 ScaleMade by WEMetal Slide, O..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110299
WE G26C Advance Gen. 3 Gas Blowback Pistol (Fully and Semi-Automatic) part of the Gock Family. Specifications: 1:1 ScaleMade by  WEFull Metal slide and ABS FrameGas BlowbackFires Fully and Semi-Automatic28 Round Magazine40 Meter Range330~ FPS205mm In LengthWeighs Around 780 GramsGreen Gas Pow..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110333
Specifications:1 :1 Scale 328 FPS 4.0" Barrel Length 8.9" Overall Length 15 Round Magazine Single Stack Magazine Barrel is Smooth Bore Blade and Ramp Front Sight Fixed Rear Sight Gas Blow Back Takes Green Gas Functioning Safety Catch 900 Grams in Weight 60 Meter Rang..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 210723
The top model in the WE High Capa range was introduced in 2015. The Hi-Capa "T-Rex" features a massive 28 round capacity magazine and a plethora of tactical and practical features. Full metal construction combined with amazing WE-Tech FORCE customization and upgrades means this is the pinnacle of WE..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 210654
Fully automatic and semi of course at a decent 350FPS. Please note this comes in Two Tone Blue.  Specifications: Gas Blow Back: Yes Hop-Up: Adjustable  Shooting System: Full and Semi-Automatic   Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds FPS: 350 BB Pellets: 6mm  ..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 210665
Made by the Taiwanese for the Taiwanese Army issued by the Ministry of Defence of Taiwan. The T91 replaced the T86 as a standard issue for the Taiwanese Army. It fires fully automatic and semiwith a 30 round magazine. Specifications: Made by WE (Best in GBBR) Open Bolt Version.Weighing at 3.1 KilosL..
Brand: WE BB Guns and Accessories Model: 210689
The specially lightened receiver and twin gas piston system means that they could do away with the buffer tube and fit a side folding stock. Using the 6x35 cartridge instead of 5.56 allowed for even more weight savings, while still giving armour piercing capabilities out to 300 metres, The WE versio..
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In 2008, WE launched their innovative Advanced Weaponry Simulator System (A.W.S.S.) after setting their sights on redefining the use of gas blowback platforms as viable training options for military units and law enforcement personnel.

More recently, WE’s NUPROL range complements their earlier iteration by including products to make your airsoft kit easier to maintain, establishing WE as a key player in the airsoft field.