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Galaxy BB Guns and Accessories

Renowned Chinese manufacturers Galaxy produce a complete range of airsoft handguns, specialising in entry-level two-tone pistols ideal for close-quarters airsoft fields.

Brand: Galaxy BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110036
The Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol G1 Metal is a compact, hammer less, strikerfired, semi-automatic single action pistol. Specifications: Made by Galaxy Full Metal Construction Spring Powered 6 Inch in Length7 Round Magazine Single Shot High Quality..
Brand: Galaxy BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110057
This is a full size Walther PPK replica like James Bond uses. It is a full size metal replica bb pistol around 150mm long and fires at around 210 fps, it also has a fixed spin up.   Specifications: 210 FPS Fixed Hop-UPFull Metal 9 Round Magazine Single Shot Spring Action 007 Compact Style..
Brand: Galaxy BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110055
Specifications: 1:1 ScaleExcellent QualityGreat Detailed PistolSpring PoweredFull MetalVery Good AccuracyFixed Hop-UpSingle Shot..
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To reduce the likelihood of mid-battle malfunctions, our range of Galaxy BB guns features a single-shot spring powered design with minimal moving parts.

And if size matters to you, our comprehensive range includes the Limited Edition G13 handgun, which comes in at a colossal 9x5 inches - making it the largest metal BB handgun on the planet.

For the stealthy player, the tiny but mighty G9 Full Metal Spring Pistol has great close-quarters performance and a fast pellet speed of around 200 FPS.