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HFC Co2 Pistol H17 (Full Metal) Gas Powered

HFC Co2 Pistol H17 Full metal Colour Black  Specifications: 1:1 Scale  Full Metal  ABS Gtip 400 FPS+  Heavy Weight! Non Blow back..


HFC HGC-191 Co2 Magazine

HFC HGC-191 Co2 Magazine - 30 Rounds. This magazine is compatible with HG199 and HG191. Please note will operate  on a  green gas gun but  will cause more wear...


HFC M9 Gas Blowback Pistol with Metal Case and XL Barrel

The HFC is a HG-199 style pistol. This means that this pistol features amazing reliability, a great internal design; superb performing fixed hop-up. The gun also has a fully functional safety cat..