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HFC BB Guns and Accessories

Established in 2004, HFC BB guns is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer that specialises in airsoft BB guns

Brand: HFC BB Guns and Accessories Model: 310124
HFC HGC-191 Co2 Magazine - 30 Rounds. This magazine is compatible with HG199 and HG191. Please note will operate  on a  green gas gun but  will cause more wear...
Brand: HFC BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110071
The HFC GG-106 P226 Compact Gas Pistol is an extremely well designed BB Airsoft pistol and has a very impressive approx 200-250 FPS power which on a non-blowback for under £40.00, is a true bargain. Made from re-enforced ABS, it has a gas magazine with a 25 BB round capacity. Everything from the rei..
£34.99 £39.99
Brand: HFC BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110093
HFC Co2 Pistol H17 Full metal Colour Black Specifications:1:1 Scale Full Metal ABS Gtip 400 FPS+ Heavy Weight! Non Blow back..
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Adopting a research-focused perspective, HFC continually innovate and improve the quality and choice of their substantial airsoft range.

Our catalogue of HFC airsoft guns offer skirmish-grade gas and CO2 powered weapons and feature full blowback recoil on all metal replicas.