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BB Shotguns

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Airsoft BB Gun Paper Holding Target

Airsoft BB Gun Paper TargetAir Sport BB Target - The perfect solution to the problem of not knowing what to shoot at with your BB gun.Now you can have the fun of a proper scoring shootin..

£14.99 £7.99

Automatic Airsoft Gun Target (Pop Up)

Automatic Airsoft Gun Target (Pop Up)Target set for use with BB/Airsoft Guns, The Automatic Bettery Operated(Battery not included) Airsoft Gun Target includes a net to catch all your BBs (Please not ..

£19.99 £10.99

Double Eagle M309 Airsoft Shotgun

Double Eagle M309 Airsoft ShotgunThe M309 airsoft shotgun is an amazing little shotgun and excellent value for money ! The magazine capacity is 14 rounds with a single cock and fire shot..

£39.99 £23.99

Bison 870 Tri-Shotgun 402C (Japan Airsoft)

Specifications: 1:1 Scale Adjustable Hop-Up - Tri-Burst (Shoots 3 bbs per shot) Realistic Shell Style Magazine Clip Non-Glare Finish 1.77 Kilo's in Weight 88.9cm in Length..



Description :The Bison 870 Tri Shotgun (402C) is an excellent quality tri shotgun made in Japan by Bison. The weapon is supplied with 2 shell style magazines (Additional shells are available) and amaz..


A&K M870 SAWED OFF Pump Action Shotgun

Description :A&K M870 Sawed Off Pump Action Shotgun – Made from Metal and Faux Wood (Real Wood Effect) – Spring Powered -400 FPS – Adjustable Hop-Up – 2.03 Kilo’s in Weight – Length: 560mm – Barre..


CYMA CM351M Sawed Off Short Barrel Tri-Shotgun (3 Burst Full Metal)

The CYMA CM351M is a tri-shot sawed off pump action shotgun. This compact shotgun is used in the real steal world by military and police alike due to its adaptability and high level of customisation f..


CYMA CM352 Tactical Short Barrel Tri-Shotgun (3 Burst)

CM352M is a durable spring powered shotgun with 3 separate inner barrels and a full metal tactical folding stock to enable you to switch between a combat shotgun platform and a shorter CQB ready weapo..


CYMA CM352L Tactical Short Barrel Tri-Shotgun Long (3 Burst)

CM352LM is a spring powered shotgun with 3 inner barrels and a tactical folding stock to enable you to switch between a combat shotgun platform and a shorter CQB ready weapon – the three inner barrels..



Double Eagle M813 - M4 "Grenadier" + M203 Tri Shot Launcher  Take your airsoft gaming to the next level with the M813, a "Grenadier" version of the M4A1! Not only is it a full size..


A&K Full Metal M870 Pump Action Shotgun (Wood)

The Model 870 is the gold standard in pump action shotguns, beloved by Military, law enforcement and civilians alike it has been the one of the worlds' favorite shotguns since its introduction in 195..


A&K 7870 Full Metal Tactical Pump Action Shotgun

The A&K 70 Full Metal Tactical Pump Action Shotgun is an excellent addition to your arsenal is a must have for any airsoft or paintball enthusiast. The modular stock design of the shotgun coupled ..



The Tech Specs:Spring poweredPolymer BodyLight WeightMetal Barrels and Magazine TubesTri-shotReciprocating bolt and dust cover when rackingIncluded in the box:3x Velites ShellsSpeedloaderAdditional Ke..



Description :Specifications: 1:1 Scale - 320 fps - 40 Meter Range - 30 Round Magazine - Anti-Shock ABS - Metal Components - Good Power and Accuracy - 3 Internal Metal Barrels - Length: 81cm (100cm whe..


G&G CM16 Raider (Combat Machine)

The G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider AEG - One of our most popular guns! For great reason too, since it's super reliable and very sturdy for its cost. One of the best starter airsoft guns ..


Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Long) (Gas Shell Powered)

Each of the shot shells, two supplied, are twisted open to reveal a fill valve in the bottom brass coloured section, This is filled with a 10 second shot of gas, we recommend 144a. The T..


Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun

Gas Powered and used by the Police whilst busting all the badies of the street. The all Metal Shotgun has 3 or 6 round burst (found under the dust cover once pumped), with a top rail and non-blowback ..