Gas Airsoft BB Guns

Gas Airsoft BB Guns

Gas powered BB guns use the explosive power of gas to propel BB pellets at high speeds. 

Gas BB guns are a common sight on airsoft fields everywhere as they’re versatile, reasonably priced, and powerful.

Pistols or handguns are the most common gas powered BB guns and they’re usually semi-automatic, but you can get automatic gas powered guns too. Gas powered BB handguns will sometimes have blowback, which means that the top-slide or receiver of the gun will slide back realistically when you fire.

The gas that’s normally used in gas airsoft guns is propane, sometimes known as green gas, and it comes in pressurised canisters that you can use to refill your gun. Some gas powered airsoft guns use CO2 instead of propane, but that’s not as common.

Gas powered rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles are also available, but these types of guns are more often electric powered.

Gas Airsoft BB Guns

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SKU- 210480BRAND- KJWorksPOWERED BY- GasFPS- 301-350CONSTRUCTION- Metal/PolymerHOP UP-  AdjustableVARIANT/PLATFORM- VSR10FIRE MODE- Safe/Single..


WE R005 T91 Airsoft (O/Bolt Gas Blow Back)

Made by the Taiwanese for the Taiwanese Army issued by the Ministry of Defence of Taiwan. The T91 replaced the T86 as a standard issue for the Taiwanese Army. It fires fully automatic and semiwith a 3..


Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Long) (Gas Shell Powered)

Each of the shot shells, two supplied, are twisted open to reveal a fill valve in the bottom brass coloured section, This is filled with a 10 second shot of gas, we recommend 144a. The T..


GHK G5 Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle

  Specifications: 1:1 ScaleMaterial: DuPont Nylon FibreWeighs under 2 KilosOverall Length: 69cm (when retracted 63cm) and 44cm when foldedFoldable Stock for CQBsGas Blowback RifleInner Barrel Len..


Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun

Gas Powered and used by the Police whilst busting all the badies of the street. The all Metal Shotgun has 3 or 6 round burst (found under the dust cover once pumped), with a top rail and non-blowback ..