Airsoft BB Handguns

Airsoft BB Handguns

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Cyma P698+ Spring Action BB Pistol (P698+ - Orange)

Cant't go wrong with this transforming inexpensive beginner spring pistol, trainer pistol. Plenty of power at this price range. This pistol transforms by adding barrel extension. Extra magazine clip f..

£13.99 £11.99

G11 Pocket Metal Handgun

Specifications:6 Round Magazine Single Shot Spring Action Metal Body Good Accuracy 170 FPS 24 Meter Range With Spin Up Includes Starter Pellets ..


G3 Spring Full Metal Pistol

This is the new metal G3 BB Gun. With a full metal body and respectable performance you really cannot go wrong with this gun. This BB Gun has a 6mm calibre single shot and a powerful&nb..

£15.99 £11.99

G9 Pocket Metal Handgun

The G9 BB Gun is tiny but mighty, a very nice and compact airsoft gun. It has a length of 5” with a firepower of around 200 FPS and a 6 Round Push Button Release Magazine. Specifications- &n..

£16.99 £11.99

Galaxy G1 Spring Metal Pistol (G1 - Gold)

The Galaxy G1 is a compact snub-nosed spring pistol with a difference. This pistol is not only of full metal construction but comes with a limited edition lacquered gold top slide to make sure that yo..

£17.99 £11.99

Galaxy G9 Full Metal Spring Pistol (G9 Gold)

The G9 BB Gun is tiny but mighty, a very nice and compact airsoft gun. It has a length of 5” with a firepower of around 200 FPS and a 6 Round Push Button Release Magazine. Specifications- &n..

£16.99 £11.99

12 inch 'Sticky' Target

12" Sticky Target - Fire BB’s at the target and they will stick to it exactly where they hit. Then after some time the BB’s will automatically slide down the target and be collected in the tray at ..

£14.99 £12.99

CCCP Custom 5.1 Dragon Spring Pistol (Blue - 509)

Modelled on Hi-Capa Dragon this pistol is constructed from a high quality moulded plastic and is very light weight and durable. The pistol comes with a 17 round magazine and offers accurate shooting a..

£9.99 £12.99

Cyma Bobcat P698

***SPEND OVER £40.00 TODAY AND GET THIS GREAT BB GUN ABSOLUTELY FREE***The Cyma P698 is a great little pocket handgun. The magazine takes 10 rounds, the cocking mechanism is easy to use and this..


Full Metal G16 Spring Pistol (G16-Gold)

Galaxy G16 E17 Full Metal Spring Pistol (Limited Edition) BRAND- GalaxyPOWERED BY- SpringFPS- 200CONSTRUCTION- Metal/PolymerHOP UP- NoneVARIANT/PLATFORM- GlockFIRE MODE- Safe/Single..

£24.99 £12.99

Full Metal G22 Pistol Handgun

Full Metal Wooden Feel Grip 8 Round Magazine Metal Barrel 180 FPS Zinc Alloy Shell8 Round Magazine..


Metal G10 Spring Pistol (G10 - Gold)

The Galaxy G10 is a spring powered pistol based on a hybrid hi-capa. The lower half of the weapon is constructed of high quality ABS polymer plastic and the upper is full metal with a limited edition ..

£19.99 £12.99

Galaxy G1 Full Metal Spring Pistol

The Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol G1 Metal is a compact, hammer less, strikerfired, semi-automatic single action pistol. Specifications: Made by Galaxy Full Metal Construction Spring Powered ..


Full Metal Golden Hawk 17 Series Pistol (Full Metal Slide BLUE)

1:1 Scale - Full Metal Slide - 500 Grams in Weight - Bottom RIS Rail - Treaded Inner Barrel - 17 Series Grip - Spring Powered - Fixed Front Sight - Fixed Rear SightPOWERED BY- SpringFPS- 250CONSTRUCTI..

£24.99 £13.99

G16 Full Metal Pistol 'S Mini' Glock

G16 Full Metal Pistol 'S Mini' Glock, this is our smallest styled glock we have in stock and is fully metal. Zinc Alloy Shell construction with a nice heavy feel. ( Colour may vary)  Sp..

£29.99 £13.99

G19 Full Metal Pistol Zinc Alloy Shell

G19 Full Metal Pistol, Zinc Alloy Shell construction with a nice heavy feel. Specifications:Fixed Hop UpFull Metal200 FPS Zinc Alloy ShellSpring Action9 Round MagazineMetal BarrelG19 Full Me..

£19.99 £13.99

Galaxy G2 Full Metal Spring Pistol

Specifications:14 Round Magazine Metal Handgun 25 Meter Range 16cm Length Weight around 350g Around 170FPS Good Accuracy Includes Starter Pellets   ..


Galaxy G3 Walter PPK James Bond Style Full Metal Spring Pistol

This is a full size Walther PPK replica like James Bond uses. It is a full size metal replica bb pistol around 150mm long and fires at around 210 fps, it also has a fixed spin up.   Speci..


CCCP - Makarov Star - G29 Metal Pistol

Specifications: 1:1 ScaleMade by CCCPPowered by GalaxyFull Metal PistolExtreme High QualityVery Good AccuracyVery Good Built InternalsSpring PoweredSingle Shot30 Meter Range250 FPSFixed Hop-Up..

£23.99 £14.99