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KWC BB Guns and Accessories

Founded in 1978 as a toy manufacturer specialising in matchbox cars, KWC collaborated with a leading Japanese airsoft firm in 1989 and switched their business focus to professional airsoft.

Brand: KWC BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110197
Developed by the well-known airsoft and BB gun developer and researcher KWC, the Eagle Co2 Blowback pistol is small, blue in colour and a perfect fit for your arsenal of airsoft skirmish guns. The semi-automatic pistol is preferred as a secondary or standby BB gun by many pro and amateur airsoft ski..
Brand: KWC BB Guns and Accessories Model: 110200
One of the many impressive products from the leading airsoft and BB gun manufacturer KWC, the Competition Model 75 blowback pistol is powered by Co2 and has an appealing design that makes it a favourite of many airsoft skirmish enthusiasts. The pistol comes in a colour combination of blue and black,..
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Since then, KWC has become a leading industry innovator, releasing their first non-blowback CO2 replica in 2007 after discovering, through rigorous research, that these gun types perform more efficiently in lower temperatures than gas-powered gun models.  
As a result of their vast experience and research driven designs, KWC provide top-quality firearms for beginner and seasoned airsoft players alike - while their slick two-tone finishes look as good as they perform.